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About Us

About Us

Company NameJapan Bio Farm Co. Ltd.
FoundationSeptember 7 2000
Capital28450000 yen
CEOMasaaki Koiwai

1112 Misuzu Ina-shi Nagano-ken Japan
TEL: 81-265-76-0377
Email: home@japanbiofarm.com
【Monbetsu branch】
3-18 Shokotsu-cho Monbetsu-shi Hokkaido Japan
Business outline

1.Agricultural consulting
2.Soil analysis
3.Planning and design for fertilizer applications
4.Sell fertilizers and agricultural equipment
5.School operation
6. Distribution of agricultural products
7.Agri-business support

Company Principle

Japan Bio Farm researches organic practices, which can contribute to the maintenance and recovery of the natural environment, and which helps to build a society in which secure and safe foods are widely available through the human capital development of new types of farmers.

Business Purpose

• Train experts to develop cultivation techniques based on plant physiology
• Support training of new farmers
• Research agricultural practices
• Provide safe and secure quality agricultural products
• Construct a responsible traceability system
• Create an overall network from production to distribution

Business Policy

The existing distribution system is becoming dysfunctional because farm producers, wholesalers and retailers are pursuing their own profit and there is no consumer preference reflected at the production site.

Therefore, Japan Bio Farm is focusing on;
Security and safety
Quality including taste
Stable supply
We are aiming to make possible what an individual farmer and single producing area could not ever do by the integration of network and cultivation technique.

Moreover, we aim at building an agricultural products supply system to enhance the objectivity and reliability by consolidating information and building a quality management system.

We try to organize cooperative framework with volunteers at each stage of farm production, distribution and retail sales and to develop products that are safe for society.

For this reason, we take pride in building a consistent support system that we indirectly support from production to sales.

Our CEO’s Message

The Japanese market has shifted from a market which preferred good shape and standard sized agricultural products into a market where organic food has an increasing presence and visibility. However, just because something is organic does not mean it is truly safe or tasty or has a high nutritional value.
I see the higher needs for soil analysis from the point of view of the environment and sustainability and from the point of view of cost savings, however, most important is that farm producers themselves study soil and fertilizer and make appropriate fertilizer application plans. Moreover, they should collect information from each harvest and each year and then formulate their own application plans through fine adjustments.

Masaaki Koiwai, CEO of Japan Bio Farm