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100% organic fertilizer (Amino acid fertilizer)

Product NameIngredients
Organic 8538-5-3Granulated(2~6mm)Fish soluble/Plant chaffSoluble in water
Organic 8138-1-3Granulated(2~6mm)Fish soluble/Plant chaffSoluble in water
Organic 7427-4-2PelletFish soluble/Plant chaffSoluble in water
Organic 4324-3-2PowderFish soluble/Plant chaffSoluble in water
SGR4-5-2Granulated (2~3mm)Distilled spirit lees (Shochu lees)/Defatted rice branSoluble in water
Amino Bird4-3-2Granulated PowderChicken manure/Residue from processed chickenContains actinomycete and natto bacillus

Fermented Chicken Manure

Product NameIngredients
Chicken Manure N22-4-1GranulatedChicken manureContains actinomycete
Chicken Manure N33-6-3GranulatedChicken manureContains actinomycete
Chicken Manure N44-5-3GranulatedChicken manureContains actinomycete


Product NameIngredients
Harmony Shell SCaO 50%PowderOyster shellCitric acid-soluble
Shell AceCaO 50%PowderScallop shellCitric acid-solubl
Egg-CalCaO50%powderChicken egg shellCitric acid-soluble
Kodai Tennen MagnesiumMgO50%Granulated (2~4mm)OreCitric acid-soluble Becomes powder in water(very soluble)
Magkiesw25MgO25%Granulated (2~4mm)SeawaterSoluble in water
Blue-MagMgO40%Granulated (2~4mm)OreMix of soluble citric acid and water
Tennen Potassium AceK2O 20%GranulatedAsh of plants and trees/OreSoluble in water
Iron PowerFe 20%PowderOreSoluble in water
Manganese PowerMnO40%Granulated (2~4mm)OreSoluble in water
Quattro MineraleFe 10% MnO 10% Cu 2% Zn 2%Granulated (2~4mm)OreSoluble in water
Algin Gold-PowderSea algae-
Kelp PelletFe 5% MnO 5% B2O3 1.5%PelletSea algae/OreSoluble in water


Product NameIngredients
C/N RatioMaterialCharacteristics
Actinomycete Compost2-3-211.5Cow manure/saw dustContains actinomycete