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Planning for fertilizer applications

Relationship with Soil Analysis

The data obtained from soil analysis does not mean the component level itself is high or low. For example, data from sandy soil can indicate lack of a certain component for argilliferous soil. Planning for fertilizer application is helping to choose the fertilizer for the proper level of soil components and to determine the correct application amounts.

Software for application planning

We use software when we plan for fertilizer application. Most of the complicated calculations are made by the software. The software is the auxiliary tool for fertilizer application planning.

Data bank of plant growing data

The application planning software is effective only when the data is accumulated from many cases focusing on what plant is growing better with which level of component. Our software data for crops such as rice, other vegetables and fruits has been collected from farmers all over Japan for more than 10 years. There is no other software with equivalent features and as comprehensive a database.

Required Knowledge

The software requires only targeting each component figure at the proper level. The software does not take into account whether the fertilizer is slow releasing or not. Therefore we need to understand not only the fertilizer’s component level but characteristics such as whether it dissolves well in water or not, and its effectiveness when the pH level is high or low. It depends on users to determine which fertilizer is to be applied according to the fertilizer characteristics, agricultural products and the timing for application. Therefore, some knowledge about the characteristics of fertilizers and agricultural products is required.